Bob Starc

Founder of Atlantic CoWorking

Passionated Innovator for Urban Wind Energy

"Our mission is to grow a Community for Innovators & Creators to enhance our chances for Success with ideas, information and contacts."


The project.

Atlantic was born…. on the other side of the Atlantic, in New York, well in Brooklyn to be more precise, 10 years ago. We opened our first coworking space in Dumbo area, a 19th century industrial neighbourhood, next to the Manhattan bridge.

The idea was very simple: Beautiful place, Great people.

Our aim was to create an inspiring work environment to enhance our productivity and well beingness. We decided to create a community for professionals in the media-advertising business. This boomed great synergy between all of us. And it worked.

Based on this success, we launched in 2014 a second coworking space in the same building, KONGONYC,  with the same simple principle.

Following these positives experiences, we decided to bring our expertise to this side of the Atlantic…. For two years we have been looking for the correct building in the correct neighbourhood in Brussels. And we found it.


Welcome to Atlantic CoWorking Space.


Who we are

We are two brothers, Friko,  a media entrepreneur who lives in New York, and Bob who lives in Brussels. Both of us born and raised in Argentina.

Bob is an architect, researcher and entrepreneur. He is specialized in work environment, and helps mid-size and large companies to increase their productivity as well as the staff’s well beingness. He designed thousands of m² on both sides of the Atlantic.

He’s also passionated by wind. His second business, Amaay,  delivers consultancy and research services in the field of urban sustainability. For the last 7 years, Bob’s been doing research on urban wind energy in Brussels. His favorite project? PUMBA: integrating wind turbines in skyscrapers around the world…