Six  facts about innovation

If you are innovating or thinking about launching a business based on innovation there are 6 facts that you shall met, sooner or later. The sooner you get acquainted with them, the better.  Here they go.

The right time.

The window frame for innovation is very, very small. Too early? No matter how hard you try, if the context is not ready, doors shall remain closed. Too late? Well, someone else got the lead and your idea/device/method is not innovative any longer. Lost your chance. Game over. Read the signals, trust your guts.

9 no for 1 yes.

Everybody is excited about innovation and most people will find your idea/device/method fabulous. But when the moment for obtaining commitment comes ( money?), most people shall and will withdraw.  A “no” is perfectly normal. 10 “no” is still below average. 100 no is the barrier to pass. Behind every “no” there’s some learning we could do. Do ask why, besides that fact that your idea is brilliant, people reframe from backing you up. So learn from every no you get. That’s how you’ll reach the “yes” you are looking for.


Innovators as entrepreneurs and leaders, are lonely people. They are out there on their own with the world against them. And it aint easy. Prevent from staying clustered in your corner. Get out, meet with people, listen to people. Be strong be humble.  If you want to increase your chances of success, surround yourself by complementary talents.


Don’t be afraid of leaving your project in the fridge for a day, a week or a month. When you are back, you are stronger and your idea has matured. Innovation is one thing, stubbornness is another. Taking some distance from time to time could only be positive.

Don’t give up.

That’s what anybody who has achieved something will tell you. If you are working in innovation is not because you thought it was an easy way of getting out. You are doing it because you believe in it. Your idea/method/device exists as long as you believe in it.


Odds are against innovators. You shall invest much more time, money and energy than you had ever imagined. Without any guarantee of success. Maybe you are not going to make it, maybe not, but either way  be sure you enjoy the way.

Bob Starc, December 2016


Urban Wind Energy Innovation

Bob Starc, Founder of Atlantic Coworking Space in Brussels, is an Innovator in Urban Wind Energy.

While wind turbines are nowadays widely spread out on the country side, one of his projects is the installation of urban wind turbines, e.g. Place de Namur in Brussels. Read more on RTBF Info

Based on his experience as an Innovator and an Architect, Bob Starc is building a strong Innovators’Community at ATLANTIC CoWorking in order to help others for their projects and goals in a stimulating environment.


Social Animals


Is the number of muscles we humans have on our face.  We have more muscles in our face than any other living creature. It almost doubles the number of muscles on chimps faces (runner-up in this category) and five times more than dogs.

What does this tell us?
Well it’s simple, we are a social animal. Living in community has been one of the keys to human survival, evolution and success as a specie. Our strength comes from our capacity to communicate. We have to accept this: we are communication junkies. We need to. Non communication is not an option.
It is estimated that more than 80% of what we learn at work, comes from “informal” communication with peers. But learning is just half of the equation. Our other quest and not a least one is search for happiness and here again, communication has a principal role.
One of the reasons for social media success is that the “virtual” interaction with others increases the level of oxytocin in our body making us happier. But social media don’t beat the “real thing”: eye to eye contact.
Wanna feel better? Move, get out of home. Wanna work better? Find yourself a stimulating environment.
Imagine having both at the same time?
Bob  Starc

Innovator, a State of Mind

“Innovation is not a job, it’s a state of mind”.

Whether you or on cleantech, sustainability, ICT, media, technology our whatever business and you innovate, your profile is the same: you are highly motivated, a free thinker and a restless searcher. You are a fighter. An entrepreneur. You don’t take “no” for an answer. Status quo is not an option, and yes, some people say you are a bit crazy. But you are already used to that.
Innovators are as essential to society as they are fragile. Specially in the early stages.
By creating the “ innovators community” at Atlantic coworking in Brussels we aim to enhance our chances of success. Information and contacts are key. 20 years of innovation back our experience in very different fields. The last 10 of them in the Brussels area. We know subsidies, universities, business angels, European programs, financial advisors, Business plans and government authorities inside out. And if there’s something we don’t know, we  definitely know where to find it.
Innovators, in general, are lonely wolfs. In packs we are stronger.

Communiqué de Presse – Opening Night



Ce mardi 20 décembre ouvre ses portes ATLANTIC, un nouveau CoWorking space situé stratégiquement le long du canal/rue Dansaert, dans un loft industriel.

Convaincu de l’importance des PME innovantes pour l’économie bruxelloise, ATLANTIC COWORKING vise à répondre positivement à leurs besoins. Toute activité confondue.

Outres les facilités typiques d’un CoWorking space (salle de réunions, coin détente, imprimante, wifi, café gratuit, etc.), ATLANTIC COWORKING offre la possibilité de mettre à disposition des environnements de travail flexibles adapté à chaque activité. Plus de 10 différents types d’espaces de travail ont été conçus sur une surface de 400m².

L’objectif d’ ATLANTIC COWORKING est d’augmenter le bien-être et la productivité de ses membres à travers la création d’un réseau d’entrepreneurs encourageant l’échange et la synergie.

Economie collaborative et économie circulaire. Deux piliers de notre projet. Nous donnons une deuxième vie à 85% du matériel utilisé, y compris les plantes.

Lieu de travail, lieu de vie communautaire, ATLANTIC COWORKING a comme ambition de répondre positivement aux enjeux et aux besoins de la société et de l’économie bruxelloise de ce début du XXI siècle.

About us.

ATLANTIC COWORKING a été crée par Bob Starc architecte belgo-argentin. Bob a une double casquette:

1- Architecte spécialisé dans l’environnement de travail avec plus de 15 ans d’expérience de conception de bureaux à Bruxelles.

2- Partner chez Amaay urban sustainability, entreprise de recherche et conseil dans le domaine de la durabilité urbaine. Expert éolien en RBC en 2010-2012, Bob c’est spécialisé dans les « building integrated wind turbines » (turbines incorporées dans des gratte-ciels). Il a obtenu le premier un permis d’urbanisme en RBC pour la mise en place d’un projet éolien urbain à la Porte de Namur. Le chantier est prévu pour le premier semestre 2017.

Soit dans la conception des bureaux, ou dans ses recherches en durabilité urbaine, l’innovation a toujours été le fil rouge de ses activités. Bob cherche à travers le projet ATLANTIC COWORKING de pouvoir partager son expérience avec la communauté de professionnels ainsi qu’avec les start-ups présents à Bruxelles.